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A boatyard is a place where boats are built and can be repaired when needed. Every boat needs to be checked regularly, and necessary work has to be done yearly. This type of check-up and work is usually done in the winter months to have the boat ready when summer comes.

Boatyards are mostly situated near the sea or on a riverside to allow easy access for boats. A boatyard will contain dry docks, slipways, warehouses, great specialised cranes, painting facilities and warehouses. There must be large areas where ships are built.

In India, the earliest known boatyards, or then known as dockyards, were built in 2600 BC. These were built on a trade route next to the course of an ancient river. The priority for the creation of these dockyards was to be of service to naval trade. Shipyards also found a place in legends where fleets were built to invade cities and countries.

Services Available at Boatyards

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Boat refurbishment and refitting will include services to newly outfit a boat to a customer’s specifications. This may include:

  • Electronic upgrades to all marine electrical systems, running gear or changing the whole outfit.
  • The service or upgrade of deck hardware. This can include the installing of new hardware when needed.
  • The installing or service of air conditioning and heaters.
  • The overhaul of engines or the fitting of new ones.
  • New decking can improve the look of a boat, but it can also include the use of new, incredibly functional, and great looking products other than wood.
  • Updating a deck layout can benefit any boat, whether it is for relaxing or racing purposes.
  • Designing a new interior can include custom woodwork, new upholstery, and anything that can make a boat home.
  • Advice on the best rigging set up for each different boat.
  • A refit project can also include the installation of the new plumbing or the repair of the existing plumbing.
  • A paint finish will be done with the correct application equipment and facilities to create the correct paint finish.
  • Advice and information about all the services, essentials the boat need, and extras that can be added will be given by experts in the boatbuilding field.

Where Can I Find a Boatyard?

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There are many historic boatyards from as early as 2600 BC built in India, mentioned above. There are also more recent boatyards, and shipyards can be found worldwide in every major port, on riverbanks or near lakes or dams that are used by watercraft.

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