The Different Types of Boats

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Featured image The Different Types of Boats - The Different Types of Boats

Boats come in many different shapes and sizes. A boat’s size, style, and shape depend on the purpose it is used for.

Different Types of Boats

Featured image The Different Types of Boats Different Types of Boats - The Different Types of Boats

Unpowered boats, also called human-powered craft, include rafts. Rafts are usually meant for travelling one-way, that is, downstream. Other human-powered boats include kayaks, canoes, gondolas, as well as boats that are propelled by a pole. Human-powered means that someone is rowing, or pulling a rope, or using a punt to move forward.

Sailboats are propelled by sails filled with blowing wind where the wind then pushes the boat forward.

Motorboats are boats that use mechanical means, like an engine, to propel forward. Each boat has a different function and is owned for many different reasons.

Boats are used in a variety of ways with lots of different uses depending on what a boat owner bought the boat for.

Fishing boats are built exclusively to fish. These boats have strength, durability, and stability qualities to endure any kind of water for fishing. Bigger fishing boats can be part of a fishing fleet, and smaller boats can be for a single fisherman.

A dinghy boat can be an inflatable boat of rubber or a small wood, metal, or fibreglass boat that are powered by rowing. It might have a small outboard engine and are also taken with it on camping expeditions or fishing trips.

Houseboats come in all different shapes and sizes and offer the experience of living on the water.

Motor yacht boats are primarily built for leisure and are usually outfitted in luxury.

Lifeboats are small watercraft attached to bigger ships and is used in emergencies. Their main function is to transport passengers to safety if an accident should happen.

These are only a few of the boats used today. Depending on where a boat will be used, for instance, the sea, a river, a lake, or a dam, will influence the way the boat is built and outfitted.

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