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Featured image Services Offered by Boat Valeting Companies - Keeping a Clean Boat

Keeping a clean boat count for more than just cleanliness and having a good looking, shiny boat. It is important towards extending the lifespan of materials that are exposed to natural elements like wind, rain, the sun, and water. Keeping a clean boat is a big part of the basic maintenance of a boat.

There are boat valeting companies that offer a variety of cleaning services to help maintain a boat. These valet services can be performed monthly or whenever needed.

Services Offered by Boat Valeting Companies

Featured image Keeping a Clean Boat Services Offered by Boat Valeting Companies - Keeping a Clean Boat

A professional washdown will take away all the build-up of surface dirt that happens daily. It will also take care of scuff marks. Attention will be given to windows, fenders, rails, and the removal of all watermarks.

A full clean and polish will include all of the above tasks. If the boat is not in the water, the hull and sides can be cleaned from limescale, boot-line stains, and scratches. Compound polishing and waxing will give the boat a first-class gleam. Attention will also be given to vinyl seating, fenders, rails, and windows.

A canopy is just as much part of a boat as any other surface and should be part of the cleaning process. This service will include the cleaning and reproofing, as well as any repairs or alterations that might be needed.

Teak cleaning and refurbishing will bring back these surfaces to their former glory. This includes deep cleaning to remove scuffs, marks, and stains. Brightening that will restore the natural colour of the teak. And treatment with dressing to restore colour in the teak surfaces.

Other services can include:

  • Bilge cleaning of the engine bay and areas below.
  • Anti-fouling is a vital part of boat maintenance.
  • Painting can be done if needed.

Crash damage, repairs, and insurance work can be carried out when requested. Gel coat repairs are done and also scratch removals.

The services offered can make it much easier to maintain a boat and the cleaning by doing most of the hard work. It is vital to use products that are specifically created to clean each different surface of the boat to the best.

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