The main thing boats have in common is that they are watercraft and that it is smaller than a ship. Below are informative videos to watch to learn more about boats and their differences.

Videos and Books About Boats

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“Types of Boats: Explore 23 Different Boat Types” is a video that will show the variety of boats available on the market today. This video can help when deciding on which boat will be the best for every type of activity. It shows fishing boats, speed boats, pontoons, dinghy, and all the rest.

“KNOW YOUR BOAT: The Guide to Everything That Makes Your Boat Work” is a paperback book that is coming to the rescue of many boat owners. This humorous, friendly guide will give everyone the courage to take on their boat’s everyday maintenance.

“How to: Essential boating skills with Jon” provide videos with practical, step-by-step guides to essential boating skills. These guides are hosted and prepared by an approved powerboat training school.

“Checklists for Sailors – Passage Planning, Sailboat Maintenance, Cleaning, Medical and More” is a book written by Kimberley Ann Brown. This book created a guide to help with making sailing a boat easier and more fun.

“How To Go Boating” is a video that will actually show how to go boating.

The above-mentioned videos and books will provide essential information about making having a boat fun and easy. This can also help when deciding on which boat will be best for the activities of a prospective buyer.